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  1. untitled

    May 3, 2012 by louissa

    a month ago i had 14 vials of blood drawn in the space of about 24 hours. when they drew the second batch of 7 vials i handled it quite maturely by bursting into tears. i did feel like i was going to lose my breakfast and the room would never stop spinning — but really? full-blown crying that i couldn’t stop even when they were done and i was leaving the hospital? seriously?


    tonight more blood is being taken from my person. let’s hope the process goes a bit more smoothly.

    and while we’re on this topic — i’m never donating blood simply to be a good person. nope, never.


  2. a bit of chitchat.

    February 25, 2012 by louissa

    Oh, hello there. How are you on this fine Saturday morning? I’m just sippin’ my french press coffee and enjoying my toast with raspberry jam. Alone. In my head I’m not supposed to be alone on Saturday mornings. That’s when I make some sort of nice breakfast and the husband and I eat together. But he’s the best person ever so he was up and gone before the sun was rising to hang sheetrock and tape a storefront property the church recently acquired. Yes, he’s the best person. It’ll be the new youth room once he’s done making it beautiful.

    He’s a youth leader. Did I ever tell you that? That would make me the youth leader’s wife. Because of this new role I’ve discovered that my area of expertise is actually coming up with fun games. Who knew?! Apparently the games I know haven’t traveled two hours southeast because 4 Men on a Couch is completely new to this crowd. I’m so okay that my games remain up there. It makes my area of expertise come very naturally.

    When I moved here everyone warned me about the snow that comes. “You’ve never seen anything like it,” I once heard. And then I realized that there are actual trails for snowmobiles — with inns and restaurants on these trails only accessible by a sled. This new world sounded like fun and I quickly understood that the economy relies on lots of snow. But, this winter has been the brownest in about 107 years. Until this weekend. It’s snowing. And snowing. And snowing.

    But who cares about weather? Isn’t that what you talk about when you have nothing else to say?

    It’s nearing the end of February and I still have my tiny bit of Valentine’s Day up. When do you take your red, white, and pink down?

    You may have noticed that I made a huge life change recently. After ten years of blogging and never capitalizing a single word I decided that I’m too old to get away with that anymore. And let me tell you, capitalizing is so much work. So really, the blogging “trend” of ten years ago to use all lower case letters wasn’t just “cool”, it was also a bit of pure laziness. Mankind is so good at finding the easy way in everything.

    And that’s all. I’ll go start painting my guest room or clean out my fridge or do something useful with my Saturday morning.

  3. it’s a beautiful world

    February 7, 2012 by louissa

    yesterday i ignored the mud-stained entryway floor, put off folding some more laundry till evening, and picked the simplest thing i could possibly make for dinner which required little to no work: spruced up leftovers. instead of my usual chores i wandered outside for almost two hours. i decided right then that i will be a horrible housewife come summer.

    it was just me, my sneakers, an extra sweater, and the great outdoors.

    a warm sun. and a cool breeze off the river. and lots and lots of beautiful wooded areas.

    it was almost two years exactly that i was driving through all these towns that i now go to for groceries, church, home. i sat in the passenger seat, my brother drove, and behind us were all the younger siblings. i introduced them to the very song that was played when my daddy walked me down the aisle. and i foolishly said things like, “i can’t believe people live out here — in the middle of NOWHERE!” i now have cousins who live in that specific location i was referring to.

    moral of the story? life has a funny sense of humor. and don’t say stupid things.

    but, i’m off track. the walk. wandering the area i now live in.

    i wasn’t totally wrong two years ago — my new town is rather in the middle of nowhere (although cities are closer now than they were back where i came from). but because of this nowhere-ness, it also holds some beautiful reasons to live here.

    a fifteen minute walk from my house and there’s a dirt road that follows a river. i noticed various animal tracks that i didn’t recognize as large as my own footprint in the soft mud. perhaps i should have been nervous as i left the dirt path and wandered through the woods, climbing about rocks, but i wasn’t. i was simply in love with life.

    i suddenly wanted little nephews and a youngest brother with me. i wanted to pack up a picnic and bring them to this beautiful place that boasts of woods, streams, rocky paths, and a large river. and it’s right here, right in this small town that i live in.

    suddenly i’m realizing that nowhere-ness has benefits.

    it’s overcast today and rather damp. no more wandering and no more putting off the old fashioned mopping that i do (you know, the cinderella kind — on the knees, rag in hand, singing along, etc.).

    but i would rather be outside.

  4. He’s doing.

    January 26, 2012 by louissa

    i don’t always like when He starts opening bits of my heart, revealing the areas of weakness.

    but how i like the change that comes when i humbly ask for His help to overcome.


  5. friday favorites

    January 20, 2012 by louissa

    my kitchen.

    what newlywed starts out in such a luxurious space? i’m particularly fond of my baking corner.

    sprinkles & color.

    the husband asked if i could make cupcakes for the youth meeting tonight. they’re nothing fancy but they’ll taste good and i had color to put on top! i do love color!


    i’ve read a few books lately set in the late 1800s/early 1900s. and i’ve been following the growing-in-popularity downton abbey. and sometimes i almost forget that i’m not part of those stories and i don’t live in that time period. my trips to retrieve our mail from this postal box do not help.


    they aren’t daily but they’re often. i like my owls.


    when i actually take the time to put a bit of mascara on — it’s there! just look at the top lashes. — i reward myself by letting lipstick accompany. yes, i’m that pathetic. in order for me to actually take the 20 seconds to darken my lashes i have to promise myself something that i love more.


    i know, you’re jealous right now because the very best of the best picked me.


    and that is one large calzone. now we can slice it and run. because friday nights are those kind of nights.

  6. everything happy

    January 18, 2012 by louissa

    the sun is shining, bringing my home’s temperature up from it’s typical 65 to a boiling 70.

    tonight is a homemade macaroni and cheese sort of night. that was my requested birthday dinner for years. no, it’s not my birthday but i still want it.

    my hands are dry and cracking in the worst way possible. it’s from the floor mopping, dish washing, bathroom cleaning life i lead. and i like it.

    the husband gives me lots of kisses. and calls me “princess”. and holds my hand every minute when we’re in the car. and talks to me a lot. and makes sure that i’m talking. a lot. and is everything i could ever want for my best friend for life.

    our mornings are earlier recently. they’re a full hour of making breakfast, bible reading, and bible memorizing. together.

    my heart is everything happy. content. at peace. joy-filled.

    and i guess i just wanted you to know that. know that i’m okay.

  7. a picture sort of update

    January 3, 2012 by louissa

    with the gift of a new camera for christmas there’s been much fun documenting random bits throughout my days. the husband said, “you are so strange,” when he saw me taking a random photo of our dinner table last night.

    i already knew this.

    we’ve been here for 2.5 months and in that short amount of time it’s gone from a brand, spankin’ new looking place to a very occupied looking house. right after pushing “publish” on this i shall go downstairs to vacuum and mop my incredibly dirty floors.

    we have a constant stream of people coming through our wooden front door and we like it like that. i’ve been quite convinced from the very start that this is the the perfect place for rest & relaxation and that was proven to be true when my daddy stayed in his pajamas for 24 hours straight while playing games and sipping tea. who knew the man could do such a thing?!

    christmas was here in our green home. and now it’s gone. our first christmas tree together was an absolute fail.

    we had little ones at our home this past weekend. they are happiness to my heart.

    if anyone knows anything about our green home then you know that the husband bought it three years ago when it was a dilapidated mess. he has finished the majority of the house but there are little projects here and there that still keep us busy. with the continual flow of guests we decided that finishing our two extra bedrooms is priority. have i mentioned how much i love my windows? i also love the color of this bedroom.

    the husband makes me exceedingly happy. yesterday he built the shelves for our walk-in closet!

    and me? i’m here, spending my days in our green home. i’m enjoying looking at our backyard in the evening light…

    and i’m getting used to making dinner for only two (too many leftovers). the husband is a good sport and lets me make all sorts of dishes he’s not accustomed to (curried chicken and lentil stew anyone?!)…

    and of course, in the moments when i’m not trying to get our house to look spankin’ new again, i usually have a paint brush in my hand. polyurethaning the closet was this morning’s project.

    now, to clean those floors i go.