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June, 2011

  1. one of those mondays

    June 27, 2011 by louissa

    i had several fails today.  i tell myself these things happen to keep me humble… or something like that.  i’m hoping for some good quality to come that would make all these sorts of moments somehow worthwhile.

    if you follow me on twitter or we’re friends on facebook then you already know the first — i learned the hard way that a certain favorite place of mine doesn’t accept returns on sale items.  i somehow missed the sentence in bold stating that.


    now i’m stuck with two of the same dresses in different colors.

    after a rather strangely long workday i arrived home to my first letter from the IRS.  ohboy.  i didn’t quite understand what they were saying at first and then suddenly my heart skipped a beat.  my quarterly taxes?  they weren’t due until july, right?  WRONG.  yup, my taxes are late.

    bummer again.

    after all this i decided that a nice leisurely stroll was in order to enjoy this fine summer evening in an attempt to loosen my somewhat tense shoulders from all this silly nonsense, which really is not a big enough deal to cause tense shoulders, but somehow has.  nobody told me that the flies are horrendous at 8pm this time of year.  and nobody told me that they go insanely crazy when in contact with Redken products.  i spent the entire 30 minutes swatting at flies buzzing into my head every few minutes which probably amused every single bored neighbor sitting in their living room just waiting for something to entertain.

    summer evening stroll that was supposed to be relaxing? not so much.

    big bummer.

    the good news is that there’s not that much time before i’ll succumb to sleep.  at least that doesn’t generally result in a fail.

    this is good news.

  2. i have much

    June 24, 2011 by louissa

    i’m thankful for old fashioned ice cream socials. and families that attend the town’s event on a wet night. and hours of talk and laughter. and the belly holding our newest babe. and a new striped dress (nautical stripes are such a favorite). and all the together-ness that evening was.

    i’m thankful for this chair beside me that won’t be empty next week. and how spoiled i’ve been with coworkers. and bosses. and a beautiful new office. and everything in this space that makes it ours. and the kids who sit in the gold chairs and parents who stand beside and chat. and the tears, laughter, joys, and sorrows this room knows.

    i’m thankful for a short day. and tasks being finished in the office. and readying for a weekend away. and new friends and faces to see. and a girls night out. and a welcoming place.

    i have much to be thankful for. after all, i am the most blessed girl in the world.

  3. RISE

    June 21, 2011 by louissa

    this has been on repeat in my world for the last week. it’s true that replaying one particular track for that long is precisely the perfect recipe for such love to quickly grow to dislike, but i’m not sure that will happen this time. it’s the words, the promise, the faith. all those things drive me to continue pushing play. sometimes i need to be reminded that my God is on the offensive, and is moving forward even when it feels like things are crumbling to pieces or perhaps simply at a standstill.

    Not by my might, or my power, or by the strength of swords
    Only through, your love, my lord
    All we’ve lost, will be, restored

  4. recent bits in my world

    June 9, 2011 by louissa

    i’ve been a rather busy girl lately.  instead of giving you a rundown on my daily activities and weekend trips, which could be rather tedious for me to write and even more so for you to read, i decided to throw some photos your way.  that generally makes people more happy anyway.

    there’s been a whole lot of driving lately.  i get excited about drives and weekends away… as you can tell.

    the weather has been glorious lately and that means more walks to the office.  i can’t tell you how incredibly happy that makes me (and yeah, my shirt is tied in the front.  what are ya gonna do about it?!).

    walking means that i see things like this on a regular basis (is there anything more wonderful than water, blue skies, and green?!):

    sometimes grumpy little men come visit me in my office. i don’t mind their kind of grumpies.

    in the midst of all the driving i sometimes luck out and have sleeping beauties with me.

    i bump into these kiddos on a regular basis. most of the time this aunt can’t handle the cuteness.

    i made a new friend this week and ohmygoodnessgracious is this friend a doll.

    and in the midst of all the hub-bub and craziness of my life right now, i sometimes get to hang with the chubby, toddling, squishy, edible goodness of claire baby.  take a look at that pouting face.  and will someone please tell me where she picked up the “fierce stare”?  i’m sensing model in her future.

    and i promise that i don’t only spend time with toddlers.  really.  not all the time at least.

  5. steve mccurry photos

    June 6, 2011 by louissa

    i want to love.

    he reminds me that there’s a whole world out there waiting for Love.  the love.

    a whole world of stories.  of lives full of joy & pain & wonder.

    i don’t ever want to forget.  remind yourself today.