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November, 2010

  1. early 1900s child labor.

    November 27, 2010 by louissa

    i would like to know your names and stories.


  2. the close of a good day.

    November 26, 2010 by louissa

    thanksgiving day is coming to a close.  a parade was watched, wanna-a-be donuts eaten, appetizers prepared and served, games played, more food cooked (i feel a bit as though i spent the entire day in the kitchen!), a grand feast had, cleanup done by many, the best pies in the entire world enjoyed, a christmas song sing-a-long to usher in the new season by all, a favorite movie for all the women & football game for the men, and a few rows for a new scarf were knitted this evening by me!

    we enjoyed today.  i enjoyed today.  and although there’s plenty of thankfulness in my heart, i’ll just tell you a favorite of today the fall.

    i’m thankful for football in the backyard.  i grew up playing the game and it just feels right to look outside throughout the fall season and see those little men running around, chasing, and throwing the ball.  many games have been played in the last month and today the field saw another.

    some of the little men:

    and yes, those are white painted lines on my backyard that make a 30 yard field for many to enjoy.  my dad’s the best dad to his kids and one day he and the little brother created this wonderful area for many afternoon games.

  3. a year ago.

    November 23, 2010 by louissa

    as i jogged past their red brick house this morning, i remembered what today marks.

    a year ago today was the first day of sitting in court.  i prayed.  i watched.  i squeezed my aunt’s hand in nervousness.  a year ago tomorrow was the first day that i watched as we all responded so differently.  tears came as quickly as the chaos befell for most while i stood on the side, watching everything play out before me, numb to it all.  i walked out of the courthouse saying that the little sisters at home should be notified.  and then i fell against a cold brick building, sick to my stomach, and i yelled in anger and tears came from the incredible sadness i knew a sister was being handed.

    a year ago i was writing about one of the rainiest seasons we’ve experienced.

    as i jogged past their red brick house, i knew that i’ve never been so thankful for the Hands that have held us this past year, that carried us through those rainy days, have mended broken spirits and bruised hearts, and continue to carry us.

  4. hello thanksgiving week. i’m glad you’re here.

    November 22, 2010 by louissa

    today is monday.  thursday is thanksgiving.  this means that today started the holiday week.


    no really, i’m serious.  i think that perhaps tears almost came to my eyes on saturday when i remembered what this week was and what it would mean.  a few days off, an aunt & uncle & baby cousins coming to visit, and some moments to do some of my favorite things.

    i shall not leave my house unless i absolutely must.  there will be an afternoon of baking these.  i’ll find time for all the crafty sorts of things i’ve come to love so much.  games will be played and movies watched.  and it shall be wonderful. and although i spent all day in my temporary office today and shall do the same tomorrow, i welcomed the beginning of this wonderful week by spending my evening with colorful felt.

    i can’t tell you what i did with it since it’s for a christmas present.

    as my dear coworker and friend said goodbye and wished me a happy thanksgiving, a little gift bag was handed to me as she smiled and said, “sometimes i just like to give random gifts.”  inside was the darlingest mug ever and a cross stitch to keep me company while she’s away for the rest of the week.

    i am just a wee bit excited about all this.

  5. the babes.

    November 22, 2010 by louissa

    when pity comes creeping in
    and heartache tries to crush my spirit
    and longings overwhelm
    and sadness wants to be my portion,
    i spend time with the little people i love so dearly.  they warm this heart.

    my morning companion as i readied the church for our sunday morning service.

    our little ballerina.  in the midst of her discovering the wonderful effects of the oh-so-popular photobooth, she said, “okay! now a cute one!”

    yes, children make the world a merry place.

  6. being.

    November 16, 2010 by louissa

  7. the scoobs

    November 11, 2010 by louissa

    i am the auntie of this darling creature.

    life doesn’t get much better.

  8. it’s good.

    November 9, 2010 by louissa

    this is one of those times that i open up this blog to add some words to this strange sort of communication even though inspiration is not present.  it’s been a few days and concerning a blog, silence isn’t very becoming, so i tell myself to muster something up to entertain and convince you to fall more in love with me than you already are.  well, i’m not sure if either will ever happen, but here goes nothin’…

    my life feels upside down.  my office of three years is being renovated.  my little blue office isn’t little anymore and the blue said goodbye as well.  welcome large grey space with no character yet.  people keep asking me if i like it.  does it work if i say i will because to be honest, i don’t right now.

    friday afternoon i sat in the middle of my empty little blue office as i watched two guys take down the wall that separated my space from an outer room.  remember the scene in You’ve Got Mail when kathleen kelly leaves her bookstore for the final time and she stands and replays a memory of her mother?  although i don’t have a lifetime, i had three significant years in that room and i found that i didn’t want to leave.  it was anything but a professional office with an old kitchen table serving as a desk for two and our monitors sitting back-to-back and our feet touching the others.  but i liked being surprised by a pair of blue eyes as they stared at me over the monitors or the constant bumping of legs with the new booted girl.  and i sat and replayed the times of tears and talks and dance parties and hugs and moments of stress and birthday flowers being delivered and Bible being read and things falling apart and just living three years in that small little blue room.

    and suddenly i didn’t want it to change.

    so, i apologize if you’ve had to be around me in the last four days.  emotions have been high, exhaustion caught up with me, and my life feels like it’s been unraveled.  i know i’m dramatic but although tearing things down and having a new work space built custom just for me was supposed to be full of excitement, the process of transformation isn’t much fun.  this change isn’t just adding to what i already love — it’s taking away what i loved and putting something entirely new in its place.

    like i said — dramatic.

    but i do know this: that with every stroke of grey paint, in a strange sort of way, it represents the building of a new season.  new. and i keep telling myself that learning to let go, moving forward, embracing the present and not living in the past — it’s good.  that was our motto for the last three years and i would kinda like to keep it if i can.

    this lesson and moment of learning –

    it’s good.  it’s really good.

  9. the older ones

    November 4, 2010 by louissa

    i always wanted to be one of them — one of the “big girls”, as they were so fondly dubbed.  to this little sister they were the coolest, had the most fun, shared the best secrets, and were everything i could ever hope to be.  i would stand with my nose pushed against the cold windowpane beside our front door as i watched them pile into a car, heading off to their next adventure and think, someday i shall be one of them…

    a few nights ago i stood in the second oldest sister’s green kitchen with the other two older sisters.  we grabbed last minute bowls and salsa and kept children from throwing themselves headlong into the oven as casseroles were retrieved and made sure everything was set for a big dinner together.  and for a moment we all relaxed and the daddy took this shot of the three big girls and me:

    i’m still not really one of them.  they have husbands, homes, and more depending on them than i would like to consider — and me — well, i’m still in that awkward stage of trying to find my place as a new grownup.  i joke that i’m too selfish and set in my independent ways to do what they’re doing with their lives, but really, it’s just the desire still within me to be just like them and the fear that i won’t ever reach that.

    i may be in the kitchen alongside them before every family meal, but most of the time i still feel like that ten year old girl with a very cold nose from the frigid windowpane watching the three best people i know.  i watch and want — the courage, the gentleness, the perseverance, the love, the humble heart, the generosity, the giving of themselves to those around them.  they are everything good and lovely and sacrificial.  and i would like to be that — i would like to be a big girl.

  10. the macfarlane thing

    November 2, 2010 by louissa

    she was the best friend after many awkward years.  the first day was spent looking at photos of where we came from and our insecure selves desperately tried to explain who we thought we were at the time.  i told her situations i was running from and fears i hadn’t conquered and she told me why she had come to germany.  she called me her “kindred spirit” and i knew she would be my bestest forever and ever.

    today we skyped.  this activity, that happens too irregularly, is a sure way to put a smile on my face.  she’s pretty much the best thing ever.  please, everyone, be around in may.  why?  because this wondrous western canadian girl is coming to visit this small town yankee.  and you want to know her.  trust me.