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June, 2010

  1. william

    June 28, 2010 by louissa

    i looked after one child this evening.  for an hour and a half it was just the two of us and we played trains, split a chocolate chip scone, took a walk down to the water where he worked up the courage to place a finger or toe in, and laughed a lot.  that’s what he does.  the babe doesn’t have many words in his vocabulary and although sometimes you can figure out what he wants from grunts and his own version of sign language, for the most part you just laugh with him.  that’s what he does.  he laughs as he enjoys everything around him.

    we laughed at flags waving in the breeze, the dog barking in town, the wonder of dipping your feet in water, the deliciousness of his mother’s amazing scones, and the funny sounds we both could make.  if you can, steal this child away and spend an hour with just him.  he’ll win your heart and make you feel more in love with the small wonders of the world as you experience them through his eyes.

  2. happiness is:

    June 22, 2010 by louissa

    - cups of coffee every morning
    - being surprised with 2 quarts of strawberries
    - a black leather bound Bible that’s slowly being worn in favorite places
    - campfires, campfires, and more campfires
    - canoe rides at 11:30pm
    - a mums that comes in my office on a regular basis (when i’m in desperate need of human interaction)
    - babies back in their little yellow house for me to kiss and listen to and hold
    - fresh seasons, fresh mornings, fresh beginnings — always

  3. company

    June 17, 2010 by louissa

    i spent most of my time today by myself and oh-so-tired.  the office was so cold that i considered turning the space heater on at one point and the sky so grey (most of the time) that i was convinced it was telling me to quit life, crawl into bed, and sleep myself into an oblivion.

    obviously i couldn’t do that and i had to keep myself awake somehow so these are a few things that kept me company and brightened my rather lonely day.

    1)  chatting with my dad online.  haven’t experienced that?  you probably won’t.  he reserves his chatting for employees and employees alone.  so, let me just tell you that it’s unlike chatting with anyone else.  apparently he hasn’t received the memo that nobody capitalizes, uses proper punctuation (especially a semicolon), or types a whole paragraph before pushing “send” on gchat.

    2)  a perfectly scrumptious orange.  while it was chilly and overcast and windy and everything else that didn’t help me wake from my zombie-like state, i pulled out that perfectly delightful goodness and was quite happy to find that i grabbed probably the juiciest and tastiest from the fruit basket at home.  i always pretend that i’m in Little Women and oranges are a rare treat.  it makes it taste better.

    3)  ingrid michaelson music.  she sings to me.  all the time.  and i’m not sure she realizes how greatly appreciated she is.  that little blue office would have been eerily quiet without her today.

    4)  the random man who strolled into the office in the afternoon with a delivery.  it wasn’t actually for the church, but the golf course that we lease, so i strolled with him outside to find the right person to deal with.  he told me stories of when he had gone to school in our building and how strange it was to walk through those doors again.  i like those people the most.

    5)  later in the day the sun came out.  and it was the best companion a girl could ask for.  nothing does better than good ‘ole mr. sun.

  4. i should like to see the world from a new perspective.

    June 10, 2010 by louissa


  5. getting back.

    June 8, 2010 by louissa

    it’s hard to start when there’s been such a long break.  my brain somehow doesn’t know how to put words together.

    so, i’ll just say that although a sweater has been worn for the last few days –  summer is here.  when the calendar turns to june everyone decides it’s time to vacation and relax and do everything out of the ordinary.  while most of my family is out of town, i’m spending my second evening down the road at my sister’s yellow ranch house.  it’s my own way of saying i can live in a vacation sort of mode even though i leave every morning for a day in the office.

    i love summer.  so much.  speaking of summer, it’s meals like this that make my summertime heart happy: