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April, 2007

  1. conversation

    April 24, 2007 by louissa

    last night i was in the lecture hall playing some worship songs.  a friend came and asked if he could play guitar with me.  i said yes and after a few songs the following conversation followed:

    “man louissa, you’re so pentecostal.”
    “what makes you say that, matt?”
    “the way you drag songs out.  they just keep going and going and going!”

    yeah, sometimes i kinda give myself away.

  2. days

    April 22, 2007 by louissa

    sometimes funny things happen around here.  like the lake is extremely low right now so as you walk you might see one of these guys digging up a layer of dirt from the bottom of it. 

    and sometimes i should just keep my mouth shut.  i mentioned a week ago that i think most european hair is pretty darn cool.  i was then asked by one of the boys on my team if i think mullets are cool.  i said sometimes. 

    yesterday, this said boy, asked me to cut his hair.  he wanted a mullet.  he hates mullets and thinks they’re prefectly dreadful, but his hair was too long for him and he wanted to have some fun and surprise his mom who was coming. 

    now i don’t cut hair.  i stay away from things like that since styling my own hair can be such a struggle at times.  i didn’t want to cut his hair, but no one else would do it so today i took a deep breath, borrowed a razor and scissors and cut his hair.

    the beginnings

    almost there

    crazy “stylist”

    the mullet man ‘n me

  3. corinne bailey rae

    April 19, 2007 by louissa

    this is me never hearing any new music besides Dave Barnes and Shane and Shane (nothing against them, but for me they’re not all that inspiring).  this is me playing my music over and over again (wondering many times why i left Jame Cullum at home), trying to ignore the Relient K i’ve been hearing for the past six months in various other rooms (again, nothing against relient K, but it’s just not my thing).  for the past month everything i’ve heard is bluegrass and i’ve actually learned to appreciate it, but that’s not quite what i was wanting either.

    this is me now listening to her (well, the little that i can).  yeah, this is what i wanted.

  4. summer

    April 16, 2007 by louissa

    so it seems that i’m obsessed with “reflection” pictures.  one, two, three, four, five, and now six.  or maybe i’m vain.  nah, that can’t be it.

    saturday and sunday were free.  saturday we walked seven kilometers.  sunday we canoed eighteen.  now every muscle in my body aches (i can’t believe how much of your back you use paddling!).  but it’s been so nice (maybe too nice) and so fun to have a camera.

    ah, summertime.

  5. self-titled album

    April 13, 2007 by louissa

    it’s warm here.  i’m not sure what it’s like at home, but the sun has made my skin a bit pink, the air smells like fresh cut grass, and all the flowers are in bloom.  i drove home today and noticed all the blossoming trees, the sheep with their faithful shepherds nearby, and all the wonderful old buildings in each town.  it’s beautiful here.  i’m starting to understand why everyone who comes to Germany says that it’s the most beautiful place they’ve ever been and today i decided that a bit of paradise will resemble Germany in the spring and summer.  it’s amazing.

    for four days i sat in a small recording studio in the warehouse of a glass house company.  most of my time was spent sitting on the parking lot and praying that my palms weren’t resting on any shards of glass, sitting on a cushioned chair in the parking lot, laptop on my knee, facing the warehouse so that i could see what it was that i was watching, and sitting in the room where the guy who records the music is (you know, the room with the mixers and all that stuff).  it was most entertaining to be in there since with the glass that separated the two rooms, i could watch someone stand in the recording room looking like a real idiot as they shook a tambourine for four minutes straight. 

    but then again, i shouldn’t say anything since i spent a bit of time in that recording room singing into a microphone and playing the keyboard while concentrating so intently on the metronome coming through the monitors that i probably looked rather strange myself.

    yeah, we just recorded a cd. 

    i was tempted to end the post like that and leave you so impressed with me and what i’m doing over here, but that would be rather like deceit and since i try to stay away from things like that, i’ll be a bit more honest.  yes, we recorded a cd, but don’t go on thinking that we’re an amazing band.  lets just put it this way:  i’ll probably send one home, but once i return home, i think i’d appreciate never having to listen to it again.  yeah, i’m that good. 

    but it was fun to make.  you know, i felt kinda cool.  : )

  6. Jesus

    April 7, 2007 by louissa

    just wanted to say that i love Jesus.

    He’s pretty much the best thing ever, don’t you think?

  7. easter

    April 7, 2007 by louissa

    packages from home (i know it’s a bit dark, but there’s absolutely no program for me to use on these computers to brighten them at all) makes me happy (while i’m on the subject i may as well mention that if another one is ever sent, i’d really appreciate some sort of USA shirt that i can wear on the 4th, seeing as though i’m the lonely american on the team and would enjoy feeling a bit patriotic that day).  reading through the last few chapters in matthew with the other two girls here makes me happy.  talking about our family traditions makes me happy.  easter makes me happy because Jesus makes me happy.

    tomorrow will be, by far, the strangest easter i’ll ever experience since most of the day will be spent in the kitchen washing dishes.  but that’s okay.  i’ll celebrate my Lord’s risen life while i make it possible for the many german families that have spent the weekend here to have an enjoyable easter sunday which includes no preparing meals and no doing dishes.  i love easter no matter where i am or what i’m doing and what traditions i’m missing while drying plate after plate, cup after cup, and fork after fork.  i love it because of what the day represents and the wondrous life that i have because of it.  i love it because i love my Jesus and what He did for me.

    happy easter, everybody.

  8. my mind

    April 4, 2007 by louissa

    the director of the school… who is now my “boss” (weird), is Heinz Spindler.  whenever i hear his name or say it i think of two things.

    #1: ketchup.  i think of the best ketchup on the best hamburgers or hotdogs.  this makes me think of summer days at home which end by eating hamburgers, salad, and ice cream out on our porch.  the porch makes me think of everything nice that’s peach and blue and taking naps on the wicker furniture.  the wicker furniture makes me think of the greeness that you look at from the porch and mumsie’s roses that are now tall enough to see.  the roses make me think of her gardens, her love for flowers, and how i always hated working in them.  working in them makes me think of hot summer days, sweating, and the wonderful feeling of showering after a day of working outside.  and on and on it goes.

    the next one is a bit more random (and continues on very randomly).

    #2:  diana krall.  diana krall (when being brought to mind because of the word, “Heinz”) makes me think of Heinz Hall in the summer.  Heinz Hall in the summer makes me think of babies being born in wilmerding.  wilmerding makes me think of my sister and brother-in-law.  my brother-in-law in wilmerding makes me think of locking the car door (something that is is foreign to me and i always forgot to do).  locking the car door (or not locking the car door) makes me think of another friend who didn’t used to lock his car door either.  my friend makes me think of fermented salsa at home (one of the first things i ever served him).  and on and on it goes.

    - – -

    i lit my easter egg candles tonight.  i’ve not felt very much like easter, but today i decided that i couldn’t not feel like easter just because i’m not surrounded by mumsie’s decorations or the plans for sunday.  so i brought my candles down, listened to this, and wrote one of the two letters i owe to two of my lovely friends at home.

    and then someone said Heinz’s name and i thought of diana, listened to a bit of her music, thought about how strange the mind is for a bit, and am now writing this.  and since this whole post is me rather rambling on and showing you how my mind works, i’ll let you know that now i’m thinking that a movie and bed sounds pretty good right now.  so i think i’ll go do that.  but before i completely go, i’ll let you know that the last song i listened to made me think of her, trips with the family, and talking about wedding songs.

    Don’t go changing, to try and please me
    You never let me down before

  9. TNP

    April 2, 2007 by louissa

    a few of The Nehemiah Projects.

    or you can call us, The Projects.  ’cause we’re that cool.