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July, 2006

  1. trust

    July 30, 2006 by louissa

    i’m not sure what it is. maybe it’s the cool evening that speaks of even colder evenings to come. or maybe it’s all this talk about Germany and my leaving the home that means the world to me. or maybe it’s the fact that i’ve only talked to these two people on the phone since coming home. or maybe it’s all the time i just spent looking at my pictures with the faces and places that i love so dearly. or maybe it was the long walk with my sister, with a wrap afterwards, and now sitting here on the porch together – she on the phone and i on the computer (it’s how it should be). or maybe it’s all these crazy things put together that has me feeling so nostalgic.

    it’s tonight that i’m having a hard time taking a deep breath. it’s tonight that i’m trying to tell myself that if everything keeps going like it is, i’ll have to be okay all by myself on the other side of the world. it’s tonight that i’m reminding myself that in those six months not everything in my little world can change that much. it’s tonight that i’m telling myself to forget all my insecurities since i know He has everything under control and that He’ll take care of me.

    i don’t know what i would do if i didn’t have my Jesus.

    trust in the Lord with all your heart
    in all your ways acknowledge Him
    He shall direct Your paths

  2. check ‘em out

    July 30, 2006 by louissa

    pictures from my past week (and many from today) here.

  3. not hemingway. not yet.

    July 29, 2006 by louissa

    he said not to write about my personal life but rather life and the experiences in it.  i’m not sure i can master that right now — i just woke up and i’m far too selfish to not write about me.  i was just handed a computer and told to write my “award winning blog for the day.”  people see far too much when it comes to moi.

    i’m a simple girl with simple dreams.  last night i said far too many grand things.  i talked about traveling and becoming a professional blogger.  we talked about photography and capturing something other than just my group of close friends and family.  i walked away with my heart full of dreams that i hadn’t allowed myself to think about for quite a bit of time. 

    but that’s what happens when you spend an evening with your favorite person (pictures of this group of close friends will be up soon).  he wants to see the best for us so he asks questions and at least acts interested in the response that’s given.  he laughs at my silliness and the fact that i’ll always squeal.  i wear his big linen jacket and he says things that make the wheels in my head start turning and i’m sure that that’s the point.  all i know is that it doesn’t matter what he ever says, i love being with him and am happy that he agreed to meet up with us during our stay on the Island.

    the only bummer about seeing people is that you have to say goodbye. 

    i don’t like that.  at all.

  4. i could tell

    July 28, 2006 by louissa

    have i not been posting regularly? pardon my laziness on this issue, but i have no excuse other than being somewhat busy, not spending as much time online and not really having anything particular to write about.

    i could tell you that after spending too many minutes scrubbing my face and body raw i decided it wasn’t worth it and i’d just have to go around with paint marks on me. oil paint is not my friend. but everyone knows that.

    i could tell you that i just pulled, what looks to be a clear elastic hairband out of my piece of sergi’s pizza. but that’s rather gross and no one will want pizza the next time i suggest it.

    i could tell you that there is an upstairs bedroom that’s waiting to be sanded and here i am stalling. but that just proves that i’m lazy and why would i want to talk about that?

    i could tell you that this friend is up for the week and that we’ve gone to canton twice, primed the walls and floor in the mentioned bedroom, watched a movie of ours that he hasn’t seen and watched a movie that i haven’t seen, had sergi’s pizza, listened to loads of music and have found the songs that “inspire” us, have gone shopping with two little ones in tow, and have had a good time. but that would make you sad and want to visit yourself.

    i could tell you that i’m seriously considering a Bible school in Germany. yeah, me, the one who was going to stay here all her life because she loves it so much. but that might make you jealous so i’ll not.

    i could tell you that i bought a Barbra Streisand record last night and it’s my favorite album.  i came home and listened to my favorite songs and realized (again) how much i love heartbreaking songs.

    i don’t care much
    go or stay
    i don’t care very much
    either way

    so if you kiss me
    if we touch
    warning’s fair
    i don’t care
    very much

    but then i’ll start sounding like a freak so i won’t mention anymore Barbra or melancholy songs.

    i think i’ll just stick with not writing about anything really and get upstairs to that bedroom where my spackling job is waiting to be sanded down.

  5. babies, boating, and everything else

    July 24, 2006 by louissa

    i have a little boy, covered by a blanket, snuggled up against my arm. this will be my last day of pretending that this is my life. no more little boy waking me up bright and early. no more playing little people and being told to play joel’s part. no more lunches and teaching them new songs. and no more spankings to convince one to stay in bed. i put them to bed last night and they wanted me to read goodnight moon. i never did like that book as a child. it was somehow so sad and so lonely. i hated the line, “goodnight nobody…” but anyways.

    i found myself on a boat yesterday while family and friends were pulled behind on a tube. our mister merrick tried it out for the first time and although his knuckles were white with hanging on for a dear life, he wore a huge smile (for most of it) and seemed to enjoy himself. no tubing or jet skiing for this girl. when you don’t bring a suit, you don’t actually go – although that didn’t stop this girl from a turn on the tube.

    we said good bye since they’ll be heading off to italy tomorrow. there are plans to go visit them in february or if i’m somewhere else then they’ll come visit me. either way, in my dreams i now have a few plans and my life doesn’t look quite so pathetic.

    charlotte’s web has been turned on (another hated childhood memory. movie is too depressing) and i should hop in the shower while i can. perhaps one last special breakfast of pancakes will be made by auntie weesa before she goes back home.

  6. the wonderful thing

    July 21, 2006 by louissa

    i remember when she was first pregnant and i was so excited about being an aunt. i thought about how much i would love that baby and how awful it would be that this child would be nine hours away from us. i remember when we got the call from my mom, just minutes after he was born, to tell us that she had done it. after fifty-one hours she had had her little boy. one sister, who had strep throat, was on one phone and i was on the other and we could hear the newborn cry in the background.

    i feel blessed to have grown up with wonderful aunts and decided that i would be the kind of aunt one loves so much as well. i’d take them places and buy them little trinkets. i’d love on them and spend as much time with them as i could.

    i have the two oldest for the weekend and it’s time to start this whole aunt thing. maybe a stop at mcdonalds tomorrow or a walk to the park at some point or an ice cream cone at auntie louissa’s favorite spot, morgans, will be the start of all the good things that come along with aunts.

    my other kiddy is coming home tomorrow as well as the two “little” girls who really aren’t very little anymore. since when were they big enough to start wearing all my clothes?! anyway. i’m looking forward to it.

    family is a wonderful thing. most of the money spent in spain was on them. i love it.

  7. home for now

    July 21, 2006 by louissa

    so i’m home.  well, i’m actually at her house and i have two babies for the weekend.  my little lady is very warm with a fever and my little boy is very itchy to go outside and play with his new “futball” from spain.   we’ll see how i’ll juggle this one.

    it’s sticky here.  you realize just how humid it is when you come home from such a dry place like spain.  the bugs are also incredible here.  we dealt with a few flies for three weeks and now i’m dealing with all kinds of insects.  but it’s green here and you know how much i love green.  spain is quite beautiful, but i will admit, i missed my green lawns and green trees.

    i’m boring myself with this so i’m sure you’re bored as well.  i really don’t have much to write.  my mind is in a fog and my body isn’t sure of what time it’s supposed to be.  it’s one thing to travel and your body to get off kilter, but it’s totally different when you start out a trip by spending your last night on an airport floor.  i slept for an hour and a half my last night in spain and although it was interesting and is good for a story, it still means that i started the trip out of sorts.

    but anyway.  my sister has left for work, tom and jerry is almost over, and i should get some sort of toy out that will entertain for at least more than five minutes.


  8. last

    July 16, 2006 by louissa

    two not so great photos of either of us, but it shows jamie’s new technique.  the “shake it while you take it” technique.

    remember muslim women?  there were some that came to one of the outreaches this past weekend and the pastor was able to talk to them for awhile.  they watched our dramas and listened to our songs and i can only pray that the Lord really stirred something inside of them.

    i found myself singing kenny chesney today, only to realize that i haven’t listened to any of my music in three weeks.  i miss home and my family. 

    but anway.  we leave at 6:30 in the morning tomorrow for madrid, spain.  so i’m goin’ to bed.

  9. seventh update

    July 15, 2006 by louissa

    is it possible that our three weeks are almost up?  i simply cannot believe how quickly these days have gone by while at the same time how long ago it seems that we left the states.

    we left algeciras thursday and came to estepona.  we were told that there were english speaking people in the church, but we didn’t realize that they would be american english speaking people.  and we didn’t realize that it would be the pastor and his family.  and we didn’t realize that teem redeem went to his church in the US and met his daughter, whose room kelly and i are currently staying in.  anyway.  it’s lovely here and we’re enjoying our time.

    we’ve had three outreaches here.  we set up a sound system right on the boardwalk at the beach, handed out hundreds of tracks and shared the gospel with literally hundreds.  it was incredible.

    mrs.anderson jokes are being pulled out again.  i’m in the living room with kelly, julia and our new friend, kristina, who loves having american girls around.  mrs.anderson gets teased a lot… it’s not very fair.  no one else got dork names on the team.  just because i’m responsible.  ; )

    i know, this isn’t very informative, but it’s late and i’m exhausted.  oh well.

    we’re off to madrid on monday for two days and then we fly home.  i don’t know if i’ll be posting again before that… love you and see you in the good ‘ol U.S.

  10. sixth update

    July 9, 2006 by louissa

    a weekend without the internet left this girl not so happy.  okay, so i was actually fine, but i did miss it a bit.  everyone here secures their wireless connections.  silly people.  don´t they know that their making the rest of us miserable?  i guess that´s what we get for staying in the nice part of malaga.  my camera/camera bag are passed around quite a bit since my camera has ended up being the team camera and everyone´s planning on getting copies of my pictures and so yesterday my USB cable was lost (ry, you wanna start looking for a sweet deal on one of those?).  i don´t know how many pictures you´ll be seeing.

    two nights of outreaches on the beach.  you have no idea how lovely the sea is here or how incredible it is to see the sparkle of the moon on the water while you sing songs to your Jesus.  they were good outreaches.  a few very good conversations and even more relationships built with sisters and brothers here in Spain.  our leader said last night that this has been the most fruitful trip he´s ever been on.  it really has been amazing.

    this church here in malaga is small, but the people here love Jesus with a passion that´s incredible and because of that i love being here.  i was here last year and so it´s been cool to see familiar faces and places. 

    i can´t figure out if it´s an advantage of a dis-advantage to be so like my sister.  you know, the sister who married the boy with blonde hair and blue eyes and is my team leader on this trip.  yeah, he keeps on saying that i remind him so much of her and it seems that we are a lot alike since i don´t even say some things and yet he knows what´s going on. 

    he knew that i´ve been exhausted for the past week and so he called a siesta yesterday.  the team all slept for an hour or so and i slept for three.  i then promptly fell asleep last night after making dinner.  i skipped church today.  i had every intention of being a part of the service, but during worship he told me to go upstairs to the apartment and lie down because he knew that i was feeling quite sick to my stomach.  i hadn´t said a thing and yet he knew i was close to throwing up my breakfast.  i slept for a few hours while church happened, woke up, and felt much better.  he just knows.  it´s crazy.

    josh, found you some sweet capri´s.  we aren´t going to tarifa so i´m not sure if i´ll find your necklace, but i´ll keep looking. 

    d, sorry i didn´t get anything typed up.  i just saw your comment.

    what´s going on:

    tomorrow we´ll be going to granada to not only see the amazing gardens (i´m drawing a blank on the name) but also to do some prayer walking.  tuesday we have an outreach in the ghetto part of malaga (we´ve been warned by people to not go to this section of town) to work with children at a park and then we head to gibraltar to do a youth service (same place as last year).  wednesday we might be going to morocco.  then the rest of the week will be in estepona (sp?) and working with the church that the spyker´s are currently attending.  we´ll then head off to madrid and home.  weird.


    we walked past picasso´s house yesterday.  that was cool. 

    we´ve had spanish torilla three times while here.  julia and daniel watched it be made this afternoon so hopefully we´ll be able to bring the recipe home with us (amazing food). 

    we´re all a bit tanned and most everyone´s hair is a shade lighter (you should see kelly welly´s hair). 

    i´ve started buying birthday presents for sisters.  most everything is expensive here, but i did happen upon a sale yesterday that i couldn´t pass by. 

    taking 400 pictures in one day (we did a lot). 

    reaching the half-way point.  no matter how much i love being here i miss not being home.  i don´t like hearing that i missed out on a picnic in potsdam yesterday and all the sidewalk festival happenings.

    being called ¨mrs.anderson¨and ¨mom¨ by the other two girls.

    seeing a couple at the outreach last night and seeing them at church today.