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August, 2005

  1. family

    August 31, 2005 by louissa

    our baby doll is here. our drummer boy is here (who is now potty-trained and is quite excited everytime he has to go. “guess what! guess what! i have to go potty!”). this means that my sister and her husband are here. oh, how i love having them around! i just can’t wait till it’s for good.

    when everyone was supposed to be leaving/going to bed, we pulled out a few “Napoleon Dynamite” scenes that we found very funny (daniel and brietta have yet to watch the whole thing). we stood in the dining room, crowding around ryan’s new mac, watching this crazy movie and laughing so hard. i just wish that my sister and brother were here as well.

    there’s always someone i’m missing. and it gets rather old.

  2. the real deal me

    August 29, 2005 by louissa

    bits and pieces from my real journal.

    thursday, january 13, 2005

    I don’t want to sound dramatic – I despise the teens these days who blow everything way out of proportion and make their life sound ten times worse then it really is…

    september 29, 2004

    Oh! To see the horrid display I put on last night – it was so humiliating!

    tuesday, october 19, 2004

    …It’s the playoffs between the Yankees and Red Sox. The Yankees won the first three games and I was confident that they would win the 4th game and go to the World Series. But somewhow the Red Sox won the next three and we’re left with tonight to finally show whose the best. Go Yankees!

    what is wrong with me?

    tuesday, october 5, 2004

    it’s official, i hate my life

    what’s with the emo crap?

    monday, october 11, 2004

    I’ve often wondered why people are so incredibly insecure. It has often frustrated me and at times I’ve wanted to go up to a person and slap some sense into them. I never thought that I was insecure. Never did it once enter my mind that I could be just like everyone else around me. But I am. And it frustrates me so, that at times I can’t stand myself. Not the, being like everyone else, but the insecurity that I see in myself.

    thursday, february 24, 2005

    I know Brietta says it’s only natural that people like each other, but I think it’s a stupid distraction, a waste of perfectly good time, and ends up ruining everything.

    that one made me laugh… i’m so ridiculous.

    friday, may 27, 2005

    …This is all just tragic. At age 17, I’m already miserable. Yay! I can’t wait to see what the rest of my life will be like!

    Sometimes it’s horrible to know that I have another 60 years in this world – 60 more years to feel like a loser.

    i am so very dramatic at times… here i am, making my life look ten times worse then it really is. : )

    monday, october 18, 2004

    I’m done with people. I’m done with them wearing me out. I don’t want any of it. I would be content to live an isolated life with no connections. But perhaps that’s not the most godly thing to asprie to.

    If one more person this week asks me what colleges I’m looking at, I believe I’ll scream.

    thursday, june 16, 2005

    …But enough of that. I realize it does me no good reflecting on any of this. The Lord has been good and has blotted out all my sin. Does it bring Him glory for me to mope about and feel guilty over the very sins that He has already forgiven?

    “For to You, O Lord I lift my soul.
    For You, Lord, are good and ready to forgive,
    And abundant in mercy to all those who call upon You.”

    - Psalm 86

    t h e e n d

  3. pretending “mom” again

    August 29, 2005 by louissa

    i’m making cheese ravioli and our italian red sauce.

    don’t you want to come over?

  4. crushed like a bug in the ground

    August 27, 2005 by louissa

    after our long drive, we decided to stop at our favorite pizza place, sergi’s in potsdam, and spoil ourselves for a bit. we hopped out of the van and started walking towards sergi’s. someone from down at the field’s yelled out to us. and i turned to my sister and said, “that’s right. we’re in potsdam again. everyone knows us.” yup, we’re home. i do have to say, potsdam is alive again. the students are back.

    we came home with more then we went down with — and i’m not just talking about weight gained from all the food we inhaled over the past few days. my aunt sent my sister and i shopping yesterday and although julia didn’t find anything she really loved, i did, and i bought it. another purchase was made in chinatown last night. i just love shopping when i have money to buy things. : )

    i sat in the kitchen trying to write down all the messages on the machine. my brain wasn’t working correctly and i had to listen to every message a few times to get all the info. “hi, this is pete for rick… hello, this is katie for richard… good afternoon, this is candy for rick sinclair…” and then suddenly i perked up. “hi. this is lore and i’m actually calling for louissa.” i say i hate talking on the phone, but having people call me is so grand. i also love getting real mail. it seriously makes my day — and it can be like the simple thank you card that i got this past week and i’m thrilled. i don’t know, just something about it makes me feel special.

    here. i’ll pull a brietta one.

    would you still love me if i looked like this?

    would you still hang out with me if i looked like this?

    you don’t have to actually answer the questions if you don’t want. : )

  5. nyc, rapping, and the beach

    August 25, 2005 by louissa

    if you need to relax and gain some weight, i would tell you to come visit my aunt on long island. not only do you have the ocean and the city near you, but you’re also eating my aunt’s cooking and she is an amazing cook. she actually makes us cappuccino’s every morning — and it’s the real deal. she’s got the whole starbucks machine and it is quite wonderful for this coffee family to have. i swear i’m going to come home ten pounds heavier. the bummer is, i had this grand revelation while sitting on the beach today. perhaps i should try to lose or even maintain my normal weight this fall/winter, instead of gaining. i know, i’m so smart.

    my daddy, mom, sister, and i went into the city last night. we listened this guy play, checked out a few other places, and then started looking for a place to eat. one man, sitting on the sidewalk of one small restaraunt, told us to “eat here.” it was his father’s favorite place and he’s been going to it all his life. so we did. we sat right in front of us this man, who was quite eager to tell us which dishes to try, ask about how we liked the city, that he teaches voice, and how several of his students are in the show “Wicked” right now. yeah, i was a bit in awe of him immediately.

    people really are very friendly in new york though. our waitress loved us and after our dinner, when things were a bit slow, stood and talked with us for a bit. she’s italian, works at the best italian restaurant i’ve ever been to, spent two years in italy with her mother, spent two years in miami, didn’t date any italian boys (“they are immature. well, you’ve probably heard stories about italian boys…”), but met a guy from morocco in miami, and is now getting married to him. she loved us. and we loved her.

    this one guy we saw last night perform was an asian dude and just for fun did this rap with a loop all about the “sexy asian.” it was so incredibly funny, but it did get me thinking. this whole rap thing — you know, my sister and i rapping — has gotten super crazy. we don’t go anywhere anymore without people begging us to do our rap. thankfully, we either have absolutely no pride, or we actually think we’re cool, because we always end up doing it, people laugh at or with us (not sure which one it is), their friends hear about it, and once again, people are asking for us to rap. i find this all rather funny. because we really aren’t that good. oh, for those of you who have only seen me, i apologize. i was horrible and didn’t do justice to the very white thing my sister and i have going on. and to the people who told me i should hook up with Diddy: i haven’t seen him yet, but when i do, i’ll let him know that i have this whole fan club up north who want me to make an album, call it, “White Girl Wraps,” and have the cover look like a gift. i’m sure he’ll think that that’s super cool. or maybe my sister and i should do something and we could be the “Rapping Sisters.” okay, now i’m getting corny ideas. i need to stop.

    quick! everyone come look — louissa’s not white anymore. she’s pink! actually we are all pink. well not, all. my aunt and one cousin have no problem tanning. yes, two of my cousins have joined us and we had a marvelous day lounging around on the beach — besides the fact that now it looks like i have some sort of skin disease… my legs always burn funky and random spots are red and the rest white. i just figured you’d want to know all that.

    my aunt gives our websites out to her friends. at times i realize that i really have no idea of how many readers i have. and to all of you who have read this whole entire entry: props to you. you’re amazing. this is one of those “what i did with my day” posts — and some think they are extremely boring and not very creative. sorry.

  6. from long island

    August 23, 2005 by louissa

    all is quiet here and i’m loving this time of stillness. it’s quite relaxing. i’m on my aunt’s password protected everything laptop so the back and forward buttons have become my close friends. it makes it challenging and yet a strange kind of fun at the same time.

    the little man, so skinny, ran around in his swim trunks chasing the seagulls. my dad and sisters waded into the sea laughing and watching others around them. my mom read her book on laura bush and my aunt sat soaking in all the sun she could. yes, this is family vacation to me. this is what i’ve grown up doing and this is what makes good memories. today we went to the north shore. thursday we’ll be going to the south shore — that’s where the big waves are.

    we sat in the cafe last night. my dad was walking the streets of new york with the two youngest and the rest of us sat with our soda’s and appetizer’s, waiting for our sister’s turn to play. do you know how many terrible “musicians” there are here? there are so many trying to make it great, but if i had anything to do with them, i’d pick up their guitars, throw them in the trash, and tell them to try something else. yet at the same time, there was something very cool about the whole experience. you always hear about people coming to the city and trying to make it big, and well, i saw many of them last night. should i mention that when my sister got up there, told them that she was fifteen, and then played, they were all blown away? and we were just “wicked” proud.

    we walked through an old town tonight. it reminded me a bit of cape cod. it really was quite adorable. we walked on the pier, ice cream cones in hand, talking about and remembering random lines from “You’ve Got Mail.” yes, it was perfectly lovely.

    i can’t wait till gabriel is older. i’ll take him to see a movie and afterwards get an ice cream cone. i will buy him all the toys he wants. isn’t that what my aunts did for me? and then when bronwyn is older (and if their are anymore nieces) i’ll have all my pretty ladies over and we’ll have a girls day. i’ll take them shopping or out to eat. oh, being an aunt is so very much fun.

  7. break it down.

    August 21, 2005 by louissa

    we’re going to our aunt’s tomorrow. my sister will be playing at some spots in nyc and it will be a fun trip. we will get home and immediately three of us will leave for our youth camping trip where i will be leading worship. i’m not at all prepared for that.

    there’s this kid who moved in with us just a few days ago and he’s already been exposed to living in a house full of girls. well, at least, living in a house with me. who else stands in a kitchen crying with her parents while she tells them of her sad and sorry excuse of a life? no, i was just feeling overwhelmed by different things, am tired and get just a tad bit emotional when i’m exhausted. they left telling me they loved me and to delegate (we can’t do everything on our own!).

    i walked over to my sister’s feeling a little bit better, and was much better an hour later as i walked out of her apartment. there is nothing like stirring sauce and talking to a sister about everything but yourself to cheer you up.

    so i’m all good. see, the good thing about me, is that i’m phlegmatic enough that if i’m overwhelmed at all i get over it quickly and an hour later i’m fine and everything is back in control.

    there are just a few things i’m still bummed about.

    1. i had really wanted to somehow make it down to my sister’s this week, help her pack, and surprise my other sister for her birthday. but my plan involved my now married sister up and leaving, missing the trip to my aunts, and shirking all my responsibilities for this weekend. but it would have been fun.

    2. i am now really looking for a piano. and when i find one, all the money that i have been faithfully putting in my savings account for the past few years will be completely gone and i’ll be back at square one. there is nothing more depressing then not having money.

    3. as i walked home tonight i realized that the last time i went to visit my aunt, i shared a room with danica. and now she’s not coming. that’s a major bummer.

    i’m in the mood for a bit of a movie. “could you get me one of those eiffel tower paperweight’s?”

    and then i’m off to long island.

  8. me

    August 20, 2005 by louissa

    i know, i’m a silly girl.

  9. random fact

    August 19, 2005 by louissa

    Did you know that taking a bus from Canton, NY to Monroeville, PA can take up to 22 hours?

    What kind of sick joke is that?

  10. mr. president.

    August 19, 2005 by louissa

    merrick: look i have a penny!

    me: that’s actually a quarter.

    (a little bit later…)

    merrick: this quarter is mine. it is georgia, has a peach on it, and has a man named george on it.

    me: do you know george’s last name?

    camilla: washington.

    me: george washington was the first president of the united –

    merrick: i know who george is.